KFC Canada Introduces The Bitcoin Bucket, Ethereum Gas Price Estimation Improvement is HUGE, Moneygram partnership sent Ripple soaring 18%


KFC released The Bitcoin Bucket, which you can purchase with $16.03 of bitcoin.

Although this is a less serious report, you could argue that it is bad for bitcoin. All KFC knows about bitcoin is that it is great for promotion. This may effect the perception of the coin's legitimacy, which is already a major point of skeptecism.



Why has this partnership increased the price 18.4%?

Ripple is expanding it's customer base rapidly. Historically Ripple has been attacked for their "useless token". Ripple's Moneygram partership is especially important because not only are they using Ripple's blockchain, but they are actually using the XRP token. 



In case you don't already know, Gas is basically the fees associated with using Ethereum.

Gas price estimation was just improved, so less speculation is involved for all parties. This will be HUGE for ethereum because people will have more confidence therefore investing more into it.


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